How One Average Guy Sold 7 Million Ginsu Knife Sets in 30 Days
by Matt Gill and Kevin Wilke, Co-Founders,

(And, how to quickly and easily apply these same principles to your business – right now.  I'll even give you a simple checklist, so read on...)

We all joke about the Ginsu knife and those crazy infomercials, but the money that product generated is no joke at all.  

Imagine what it would be like if you were able to generate that same success.  Do the math in your head – what if they profited by only $3.00 per Ginsu knife set sold.  How much money is that?  What would you do with that much money?  I know what I'd do ...

Correction:  I know what I will do.  I'm going to apply these principles to my business right now.  You should, too ... Read on.

“No book I’ve ever encountered has demystified the process of achieving top-of-mind positioning on the Internet as skillfully as Power Positioning Dot Com. 

*Michel Fortin is not only one of Internet marketing’s most celebrated 'heavyweights' – but he has also managed to take what was once a complex and Herculean task, and streamlined it down to practical tools and strategies that anyone can use to dramatically transform a mediocre Internet presence into an unforgettable – and highly profitable – one.  This is, without a doubt, Michel Fortin’s crowning achievement that you can’t afford to miss.

– Jerome Chapman, TopEzineAds

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have learned the following:

  • How to keep your product or service indelibly carved into your prospects' uppermost consciousness at all times

  • How to easily convince your prospect that your product or service is extraordinary – without actually saying it outright 

  • Why you should stop promoting your Internet business – and why almost no one is talking about this 
  • What is the single most important prerequisite that guarantees your business will succeed on the Internet – and how you can achieve it even if you're on a tight budget 

  • The 6 words that spell the kiss of death to any Internet business 

  • How a food company achieved a 46% market share – and how you can use the same strategy in your online business today 

First, the Single Most Important Prerequisite...

I’m going to tell you an amazing truth about Internet marketing that my friend, Michel Fortin, has given a profound new meaning to:  In order for you to have an online business that is guaranteed to be profitable, you must place your product or service at the forefront of a prospect's mind at all times.  This is called top-of-mind awareness

Top-of-mind awareness means the customer thinks of you FIRST when he or she needs your product or service.  It is the essential prerequisite that, when achieved, absolutely guarantees your business success. 

Just think about it.  How much money can your business make if thousands - even millions – of people who are looking for your products were to buy from your company automatically before they even think of buying from your competitors – or before they could even remember your competitors' names, for that matter?

How 7 Million Ginsu Knife Sets Were Sold in 30 Days

Here's the incredible story of one of the top-selling products of all time.

Do you remember seeing those TV infomercials featuring the Ginsu knives that never need sharpening?  They sold those knives purely on the strength of the compelling lifetime guarantee

Ginsu knives created top-of-mind awareness with this one skillful maneuver.  This begs the question:  Was the lifetime guarantee offered because the knives were truly indestructible?

Well, here's the inside scoop:  The guarantee was so strong that it created the perception of exceptional durability – without the company necessarily stating that claim – thereby boosting sales dramatically.  The sales boost far outweighed the return rate.  Their theory was that very few people would bother returning a knife set after having used it, especially since it's a low-ticket item – and even if they did, the replacement cost was just a few bucks per set. 

The result:  The lifetime guarantee effectively convinced consumers to buy more than 7 million Ginsu knife sets within 30 days!

Read the rest of this article to learn Michel Fortin’s other simple tactics that you can use to convince your own prospects that your product or service is extraordinary – without really saying it outright.


The 6 Words That Spell the Kiss of Death to Any Business

"Out of sight, out of mind." 

This is simply another way of saying the same thing I've been saying all along:  If you're not in the uppermost consciousness of your prospect's mind, you are losing business, and I predict you won't stay in business for long. 

Let me put it another way.  Just as Olympic gold medallists
– not the silver or bronze medallists – are the only ones who get the multi-million dollar endorsement deals, your business also has a dubious chance of excelling on the Internet if it's not positioned as Number 1.  Being Number 2 simply is not good enough.

"How Did They Get a 46% Market Share?" 

A yogurt company recently launched an innovative advertising campaign to support its new fruit packaging. 

It came up with the theme, "Fruit On Your Mind," for its recent ad campaign featuring characters named Sally smitten over strawberries; Peter pondering over peaches; and Fiona feeling fanciful over Fruits of the Forest

Result:  The campaign has helped the yogurt manufacturer grow its market share to a whopping 46% as of the latest Nielsen Audit.  Now, that's top-of-mind awareness!  In a market that is currently experiencing a 19% yearly growth, this is certainly paying off in tens of millions of dollars

Which yogurt company was it?  If you guessed Yoplait, you're absolutely right. 

Did you catch the top-of-mind strategy that Yoplait used?  Yoplait skillfully used the power of mnemonics, the use of sounds, symbols, pictures or devices to make something memorable.  Similar sounds
– such as "Yoplait" and "yogurt" – make it easy for you to remember.  Did you also notice that the names of Sally, Peter and Fiona were
mnemonically linked to the names of the fruits? 

This device is extremely simple
– but it's incredibly powerful!  Read on to learn more of these simple tactics that you will start using right now.

In his course, Power Positioning Dot Com, Michel Fortin asserts that the human brain hates complexity.  Similar sounding – or rhyming – words, can therefore help a word's pronunciation, making it is easier for the brain to digest and remember

Want more proof? 

Names such as Coca-Cola, Krispy Kreme and Hamburger Helper; or phrases such as "See the Softer Side of Sears" or "Blinds of All Kinds"
– were not named on a whim.  A large part of their success comes from the pleasing, singsong quality to them that make them memorable. 

But here's an even bigger secret:  

According to research, rhyming also tends to increase perceived value, credibility and believability.  It does so because it is pleasing to the ear and easier for the brain to accept.  This pleasing effect, at some unconscious level, tends to instill a greater sense of truth due to its linguistic beauty. 

In Power Positioning Dot Com, Michel reveals, among many other things, a vast array of secret mnemonic devices you can use to position your business far ahead of your competitors.

Here's another interesting fact that Michel reveals:  If you're the first in some category, you will likely be considered as the best.  People have the natural tendency to attribute superiority to a product that's first in its category.  What's more, people gravitate towards the perceived leader of any given category more than any other.

This may sound illogical to you
– but it's human nature.

Oakley was not the first – but when it reinvented itself... 

Sunglasses had been around a long time when Oakley burst into the scene.  Since Oakley couldn't be the first, it reinvented itself and virtually carved out a category all its own. 

Oakley eyewear was marketed via the memorable tag line
– "thermonuclear protection."  What image does that conjure up?  Here it is:  In a nuclear explosion, you'll be toast – but your Oakleys will live on.  Talk about shaping the public's perception

Oakley's campaign achieved top-of-mind awareness by indelibly positioning the eyewear line as being in a class by itself.  Today, Oakley enjoys the formidable presence, prestige and sales that other companies can only drool about. 

Why You Must Stop Promoting Your Business – and Why Almost No One is Talking About This 

Most online entrepreneurs suffer from a common delusion.  They aim for the cash instead of the cash flow.  In case you didn't know, there is a humungous difference. 

Some people swear by the Internet maxim, "Promote or perish."  But let me tell you the deadliest delusion of all:  If you promote your business without creating top-of-mind awareness, you're just delaying the inevitable
– that is, the failure of your business. 

For example, many short-term promotional efforts may bring in some business
– and for others it may even bring in a lot of business in a very short amount of time.  While this satisfies immediate cash needs, it doesn't sustain the longevity of your business.  It's a temporary high – and as soon as its short-term effect wears off, you will soon find yourself with the need to keep doing more and more just to stay afloat.  It's a vicious circle. 

Most promotions give instant gratification, but no residual benefits. You have to keep doing them day in and day out until you burnout – it's like spinning your wheels and never getting anywhere. 

The absolute best way to rise above the run-of-the-mill, redundant promotional activities is to create top-of-mind awareness that pays you dividends for years to come.  With top-of-mind awareness, you will generate continuous cash flow for your business – and not just short-term cash. 

Why is it that almost no one is talking about this? 

Because quite frankly, they don't know how to create top-of-mind awareness. 

There are very few who possess this rare skill.  Fewer still have the ability to do it on the Internet, where the competition is not just fierce
– it's deadly. 

No one I know exemplifies this exceptional combination of skills more than Michel Fortin.  He is an internationally acclaimed and highly sought-after consultant whose marketing advice has helped countless clients earn millions of dollars in record time. 

And, the best thing is, Michel makes all of this incredibly simple and easy to learn.

As the owner of the Success DoctorTM
– a sales, marketing and Internet marketing consultancy based in Ottawa, Canada that specializes in business development – Michel has had an incredibly diverse range of clients in well over 200 industries.  As Senior Editor of Internet Marketing Chronicles, Michel Fortin has over 125,000 devoted followers who faithfully read his weekly newsletter.  He is also the author of four books, and teaches business courses at universities, colleges, business schools and trade shows. 

In his new course, Power Positioning Dot Com, Michel pulls out all the stops, and reveals heretofore undisclosed secrets of achieving top-of-mind awareness.  Here's a small sample of what you will learn: 

  • A simple way to dramatically boost the memorability of your business or product so that people immediately think of your name when they think of the type of product you sell – this is so simple I wish I had thought of it!

  • How to immediately transform your business into a powerful magnet – a compelling force that consistently attracts pre-qualified prospects and customers to your online business 

  • Exactly how to position your business so that it becomes the one from whom people choose to buy – or with whom to do business, among all other choices 

  • How to easily reinvent your business so that your product or service will be perceived as being superior instead of just being available 

  • How to use little-known skillful maneuvers to psychologically project an aura of superiority, exclusivity and credibility – and do so without stating it outright 

  • How to propagate a first-rate reputation on the Web astonishingly fast – and at virtually no cost 

  • How to quickly and easily own a solid and unshakable share of the market in your particular industry 

  • How to position your business in the eyes of your prospects so that it will be virtually effortless for you to attract them – and there'll be very little selling on your part because your prospect would have already been pre-sold 

  • Simple tactics to convert website visitors into happy, loyal, long-term customers who are programmed to refer more business to you 

  • Where to find all the tools you need to virtually steal all your competitors' traffic, customers and sales  (I almost didn't want to print this – it is potentially very dangerous)

Create a demand for your product or service where none existed before

I'm not the only one who has a high regard for Michel Fortin – he is one of the most highly respected marketing consultants anywhere.  Read what others are saying about him and his work.

Here's the bottom line:  If you learn nothing else from Michel Fortin but the skill to create top-of-mind awareness, you can make as much money as you will ever want.

How Much Will All This Cost?

Let me ask you a question:  If you could absolutely ensure that whenever your prospects think of the type of product you sell, that they would instantly think of you – what would that be worth to you?

I know many companies that would gladly pay $1,000, $5,000 – even $10,000 for this highly specialized – and infinitely valuable – information.  The ability to create top-of-mind awareness has the potential of generating hundreds of thousands – even millions of dollars – in sales for you in the months and years to come.

It, therefore, does not make sense that Power Positioning Dot Com – the ultimate resource that can provide you with all this – is priced at only $47.00.  Why, if you think about it, just one or two extra sales can more than pay for this invaluable education.

Here's more.  One would think that the extremely reasonable price of Power Positioning Dot Com would just about make anyone grab this book, right?  Well, Michel Fortin simply would not rest until he came up with an offer you simply can't refuse.  I tried to fight him on this, but he wouldn't budge.

Here it is:  When you order Power Positioning Dot Com , you will receive not 1, but 3 free bonus gifts:

  • Power Positioning Transcripts – These 10 actual transcripts of Michel’s’ hour-long consultations with clients give comprehensive answers to a wide spectrum of challenges or problems that face marketers.  Since Michel charges $350 per hour for these hour-long consultations, this valuable set of transcripts (not available elsewhere) is valued at $3,500.

  • Power Prescription Internet Marketer's Checklist – a step-by-step roadmap for Internet marketers, that simplifies the process of doing business on the Web.  This checklist contains 23 simple – but absolutely essential – things you must do if you want to have a successful online business.  This is the result of Michel’s years of trial-and-error, along with the best strategies he has accumulated along the way.

  • The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning – This priceless volume will show you magical marketing strategies for generating an endless stream of new, repeat and referral business.

Within 15 minutes, you will receive download and unlock information that will allow you to read Michel Fortin's Power Positioning Dot Com online.  You will then be immediately on your way to achieving the top-of-mind awareness that is absolutely indispensable in the overcrowded market that is the Internet.  Click here now.

But, don't decide now.  When you act quickly, you can just try it out with no obligation:

Take advantage of this zero-risk trial offer and you will get Power Positioning Dot Com at the special limited time price of only $47.00 and the following 3 bonuses:  The Power PrescriptionTM Internet Marketer's Checklist, The Power Positioning Transcripts, and The 10 Commandments of Power PositioningIf you are not completely satisfied that this book shows you easy, and immediately useful, ways to make your products the "Ginsu knives" of your market, your refund request will be honored immediately – with no questions askedThis is a zero-risk trial offer and you are under absolutely no obligation.

Hey, I'm sure you've heard all the bad rap that dot-coms have received lately because of mass failures in the industry.  Don't let your dot-com become another dot-gone!  Let Power Positioning Dot Com be your insurance coverage against widespread anonymity that spells doom for most Internet businesses.  This may well be the course that will usher in a whole new era of incredible business for you.

Try it today risk-free.  It's backed by my unconditional guaranteeIf you do not get the top-of-mind recognition for your business that you want, or if for any reason you don’t feel that Power Positioning Dot Com is the most essential book on Internet marketing you’ve ever read, simply tell me and I’ll issue you a 100% refund immediately.

The next move is up to you.  I've shown you that Power Positioning Dot Com is as risk-free as an offer can come.  You and I both know that if you've read this far in the letter, you're seriously interested in improving your business and personal income.  All that's left to do now is take action.

Let's get serious for a moment.  Finding new business on the Internet gets more difficult and competitive every year.  There are 604 million people online – that's according to the latest CIA's World Factbook as of August 2003 – but there are also over 31 million websites – as of October 2003 according to – competing for their attention. What chance have you got at competing for their eyeballs – let alone their business — without Power Positioning Dot ComGet it now.

Imagine, for a moment, that it's a year from today.  How well is your business doing?  Remember – if you continue to do your business the same way, you're going to get the same results.

A year will pass by in a flash
I think your choice is clear.

Best Regards,

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill

P.S.  A new study conducted by Digital Idea, which examined 346 online businesses in 7 categories, revealed that most sites have yet to overjoy their visitors and shoppers – or to experience the financial benefits of a satisfied, loyal customer base.  On average, only 10% to 15% of visitors are loyal to a site, would recommend the site to friends, or feel an affinity with the business.

You can beat those odds by creating top-of-mind awareness for your business today.  Do it now.

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